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When are you getting married?

What would you do if you have a relative asking you sensitive questions during Chinese New Year’s eve reunion dinner? For most singles, the most awkward question is when are you going to get married or are you dating now? For children, the dreaded question is what’s your exam result. With this in mind, Coca-Cola has new come up with a new commercial for Singapore and Malaysia with the title “Taste the irresistibility in a match made with Coca-Cola.”

Are you dating now?

In one of the clips, the auntie asked the young beautiful female when is she going to get married. To reduce the tense atmosphere, the quick-thinking kid quickly passed a glass of Coke and a chicken drumstick to the auntie. Soon, she forgot about the sensitive question and got into the festive mood accompanied with the shout of “Huat Ah!” (prosperity ah!)

These commercials resonate with the Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese viewers as relatives do have the tendency of asking awkward questions at the dinner table. Most of the time, it is hard to find the best reply. Offering them with food is by far the best way to divert their attention and ease the awkward atmosphere.


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