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New Mister Potato Fiery Fried Chicken for Chinese New Year

Mamee-Double Decker (M) has unveiled a limited-edition flavour for Chinese New Year in 2017 – Fiery Fried Chicken flavour. In 2016, it was the Seaweed Wasabi flavour.

Sebab kali ni Tahun Ayam, Mister Potato ada surprise untuk ah-migo semua!Jomlah tengok ni.

Posted by Mister Potato on 4hb Januari 2017

This year, there is no auspicious Chinese character on the packaging unlike the case for the Seaweed Wasabi flavour in 2016. Instead, the rooster gets the centre stage to celebrate the year of the rooster.

Image from Lowyat.net

Festive season is always the good time to trial new flavours and bring some excitement to consumers.

Mister Potato given a brand new packaging in 2016 (image above)

Partners with The Chicken Rice Shop

The potato snack brand has also partnered with The Chicken Rice Shop to bring a new fiery taste experience to the chicken dishes at The Chicken Rice Shop, which is famous for its hahal-certified Hainanese chicken rice.

This is the in-store display of Mister Potato in a supermarket.

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