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Farm Fresh educates consumers on what is truly fresh

Farm Fresh, the dairy brand of the Malaysia-based The Holstein Milk Company Sdn Bhd, has launched a series of online campaigns to promote the freshness of its milk. In the short video clip posted on its official Facebook/Youtube accounts in February 2017, Farm Fresh poses the question “is imported fresh milk really that fresh?” The video clip is available in three languages – English, Malay and Mandarin to reach out to all consumers in Malaysia.


Farm Fresh has essentially upped the ante and threw a challenge to fresh milk, which the brand claims is “usually imported from Australia.”

The clip illustrates the long process of getting the milk from Australia to the supermarket in Malaysia. It casts a doubt on the “freshness” of imported Australian milk. The milk is described as being transported overland and through sea and being processed twice, first in Australia and then in Malaysia.

Farm Fresh then shows an alternative that would cut back the time between farm and shelve to just 48 hours or 2 days. The solution is importing Australian cows and breeding them in Malaysia.

The Holstein Milk Company has a farm in the southern state of Johor. The locally-produced milk from the Australian dairy herds ensures the milk is the freshest ever.

Kids know best

The company has also produced another clip this time asking if children know where milk comes from. The children are then shown videos of how the fresh milk is squeezed from dairy cows.

The children are then asked to taste milk from fresh milk and powdered milk and to describe what they think about them. Powdered milk is described by some of the kids as “sweeter” and tastes like”honey.” The video shows the children prefer fresh milk because it tastes “fresh,” “tastier” and “nice.”

Here is the video clip

What Mini Me thinks

We are seeing dairy companies, both in Malaysia and Thailand, with access to local milk supply emphasising the freshness of their milk source to differentiate against their competitors. In Thailand, DPO has recently rolled out a creative TV commercial to demonstrate the freshness of its milk. In Malaysia, Farm Fresh uses a more straight forward, educational approach to make consumers aware its products are made from fresh milk in a bid to compete against imported milk.


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