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Fonterra launches MoveMax in Indonesia

New Zealand’s Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited has launched MoveMax in Indonesia in March 2017. MoveMax is all about moving with dynamism, flexibility and strength so that you can move as young as you feel.

MoveMax was introduced in Malaysia in May 2016. The new formulation is now available in Indonesia. The MoveMax marketing in Indonesia focuses on the theme “tetap bisa,” literally translated in English as “still can” or still being able to move actively for oneself and for the ones you love (#TetapBisa bergerak aktif untuk diri sendiri dan orang yang kamu sayangi).

Story of a drummer

The advertising of Anlene MoveMax focuses on the story of Titi Rajo Bintang, a 36-year-old celebrity who is famous for her drumming skills. Her wish is to continue to play the drum until she grows old. However, would she be able to do that when she is old?

A challenged is thrown to her, which requires her to wear an “age suit.” The suit limits her ability to move and mimics how her body feels when she becomes old.

She initially thinks she can play the drum well even while wearing the suit but actually she struggles with both her hand and leg movements.

A scene later appears showing a mobility expert claiming how the suit is stimulating how her bones, joints and muscles will be when she is old.

Titi even ‘fell’ on the floor when she tried to pick up the drumming stick.

The message is one has to better take care of oneself before it gets too late. So start acting now!

Here is the entire video clip.



What Mini Me thinks

Fonterra is shifting its positioning to the concept of full mobility (live young), which can be achieved only after the person has taken care of their bones, joints and muscles. The MoveMax marketing also touches the heart of modern female consumers.

Unlike the older generation who devotes most of their time to their family, new generation of consumers wish to achieve a balance between family, work and life. They wish to continue to be actively fit to engage in activities they like such as travelling even when they grow old. This is how MoveMax comes into play with a product that enables female consumers to take preventive measures so that when they become old they can still move as young as you feel.


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