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Snack bar category in Indonesia addresses health issue

Fitbar, the leading snack bar from PT Kalbe Farma Tbk, was upgraded to multigrain in February 2017 with the addition of oats, whole wheat and quinoa.

Image from Fitbar Facebook site

The key difference with the previous Fitbar is the addition of quinoa, which helps make you feel fuller and thus making you feel less likely to eat unhealthy foods.

The benefits of quinoa in reducing body weight. Image above from Fitbar Facebook site

Feeling fuller

The weight loss functionality is a strong theme in the snack bar category in Indonesia. Fitbar is know for its “Snacking with no worries” tagline. The addition of quinoa helps to reduce the urge to eat.

The same positioning was adopted even earlier by Soyjoy in 2016 through the “Cut Carbo” campaign. Soyjoy is made by PT Amerta Indah Otsuka, the same company behind the Pocari Sweat isotonic drink. The key message of the campaign is to encourage consumers to eat Soyjoy two hours before meal so that they can reduce their intake of carbohydrate, thus leading to weight loss.

What Mini Me thinks

The Indonesian snack bar category has positioned itself in the forefront of addressing consumer health concerns – over weight and obesity. It helps to make the snack bar category relevant to consumers who are conscious of their health. The same positioning can be implemented in the Philippines and Malaysia where Fitbar has a strong presence.


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