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Milo Nutri G, Nescafe Smoovlatte upsized to 225ml

Image from NTUC FairPrice

We have talked about the launch of Milo Peng in Singapore featuring heartthrob Nathan Hartono.


Now lo and behold, Milo Nutri G has been upsized to 225ml and is given a new packaging highlighting the ingredients of oats, brown rice, wheat and barley. The packaging of the new Milo Peng, meanwhile, features a cyclist, the same cyclist that once appeared on Milo Nutri.

Following the upsizing of Nutri G to 225ml, the previous 190ml bottle for Nestle Nutri G and Nescafe Smoovlatte in Singapore will be phased out in favour of the 225ml bottle. I have yet to find the 225ml Milo Nutri G in Malaysia.

Nescafe Smoovlatte upsized

At the same time, Nescafe Smoovlatte now comes in a larger 225ml bottle in Singapore and Malaysia.

In Singapore, the price of the 225ml Nescafe Smoovlatte is the same as the Nescafe Smoovlatte in a previous smaller 190ml bottle. Both are selling at a price of SGD 1.30 on RedMart.

What Mini Me thinks

It appears Nestle is standarising its ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages to the new 225ml PET bottle without charging a higher price for the upsized version. It is very noble for Nestle to give back to consumers without imposing a higher price tag for the larger volume.


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