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Milo Ice offers the icy taste

The icy taste seems to be in vogue in new product development for Nestle (Malaysia) Bhd. After the debut of Nescafe Black Ice, the ready-to-drink category saw the launch of Milo Ice, which also offers the icy taste.

The drink is available at 7-Eleven with a promotion price of RM 2.00 per can.

The new drink has the product description that resembles the Milo Peng or Iced Milo that was launched in Singapore in 2017. According to the official description, “the new MILO Peng was inspired by Singaporeans love for MILO Peng from the MILO Van – now conveniently packaged in a ready to drink format for our hectic lifestyles. It features a more “gao” and chocolatey flavour to cater to local palates. Each serving contains calcium equivalent to a glass of fresh milk.”

Personally, the author has not tried Milo Peng. My guess is, Milo Peng is probably a thicker version and does not have the icy  taste of Milo Ice.


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