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Cleanse with Wilkins Pure Water

Wilkins Pure, the distilled water brand of Coca-Cola Philippines, has launched a new marketing campaign to highlight the cleansing attribute of water.

The message says “The food you eat may leave toxins in your body. So #CleanseWithWilkinsPure daily.” Plus it is affordable as a bottle of Wilkins is only PHP 9 (USD 0.17).

The humble potato chip is a representation of toxic and it can be removed from the body by drinking Wilkins Pure.

The complete TVC can be viewed here.

Cleanse With Wilkins Pure

The food you eat may leave toxins in your body. So #CleanseWithWilkinsPure daily.In Metro Manila? Buy now at https://beverage.ph/

Posted by Wilkins Water on 25hb Mei 2018

Water is known for its goodness to health. The Wilkins Pure TVC uses the detoxification angle, an approach more commonly taken by the premium alkaline or ionized water. Wilkins Pure tacitly shows all you need to detox your body is to drink distilled water and not the other fancy water.

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