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Tiger Satay flavoured chips in crossfire for the wrong reason

Admittedly, we are late in reporting the exclusive, not-for-sale Tiger Satay flavoured chips that is making news for the wrong reason. Behind the pack of chip is a warning “only for non-Muslims 21 years and above.” World of Buzz has the story about a Muslim warning fellow Muslims not to buy this chips.

The Tiger Satay chips are meant to be given away free exclusively at 99Speedmart with every purchase of 6 Tiger beers. The chips are never to be sold individually. It is for beer lovers watching FIFA football matches, while dipping into what some has described as super salty potato chips.

It is not the first time Tiger is embroiled in controversy. Back in late 2017, Muslim groups were pondering whether Tiger Zero was halal or haram.

Poor Tiger, let it be clear that the mighty Tiger has always been non-halal and has no desire to cause misunderstanding to Muslims.

The negative sentiment directed against zero alcohol beer (Tiger Zero) and st the exclusive potato chips shows the operating environment for beer company in Malaysia is harsh. The Tiger Zero experiment and the Tiger Radler Lime Mint with zero alcohol, debuted in December 2017, is now out of stock. The road to alcohol-free beer in Malaysia is tortuous indeed.


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