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Giant Kicks Off “Murah dan Lagi Murah”

300 Daily Essentials Offered at Extra Low Prices Till Year End Offering Great Value and Savings for Consumers

 SHAH ALAM, 5 OCTOBER 2018 – Giant, Malaysia’s favourite everyday Freshness hypermarket and supermarket brand, offers consumers more value for their Ringgit with its Murah dan Lagi Murah campaign from 5 October 2018 to 4 January 2019. Setting the bar in helping Malaysian households manage the rising cost of living, Murah dan Lagi Murah offers extra low prices on 300 essentials, everyday items at Giant’s nationwide.

“We are Malaysia’s choice destination for the Freshest, value-for-Ringgit, produce and have been for over 70 years. Murah dan Lagi Murah is the latest in a long, evolving list of ways that we work to enhance our consumer’s quality. Through this, we are bringing 300 of every day necessities at much lower prices to consumers nationwide,” said Pierre-Olivier Deplanck, Managing Director of GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

Murah dan Lagi Murah is the follow-on to Giant’s successful Lock-On-Low (LOL) campaign from last year that saw daily necessities at discounted prices. This year’s campaign takes the best practices, data and learnings gleaned from LOL and the year-long demand from Giant stores nationwide and focuses the discounts on Malaysia’s most needed daily necessities. Giant’s latest campaign sees an additional reduction on top of the brands on-going in-store promotions to give customers the best possible value.

“We operate nationwide – the only supermarket and hypermarket brand to do so. This has given us the unique ability to speak to Malaysians from all walks of life and better understand their needs. Based on this, the results of last year’s campaigns, and the patterns we have seen from month to month at all our stores nationwide; Murah dan Lagi Murah is designed to be a real campaign, with real benefits for Malaysian consumers today,” explained Deplanck.

Murah dan Lagi Murah offers consumers a variety of choices across different product categories that include best-selling items like baby products, frozen food, personal care products, cooking oil, rice and other household necessities.

For more information on Giant’s Murah dan Lagi Murah campaign, and details on the promotional items of the day, please visit www.giant.com.my.

About GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., (GCH) a subsidiary of Dairy Farm International, is the operator of Giant hypermarkets and supermarkets chain; Cold Storage, Mercato and Jasons Food Hall premium grocery stores. Keeping abreast of latest market trends, GCH Retail continues to deliver on modern retail experiences and avails Malaysian customers to a wide array of products and produce, including quality value selections as well as premium and exclusive offerings. GCH Retail’s latest industry accolade includes being Retail Asia-Pacific’s Top 500 Gold Winner as Malaysia’s Number 1 Retailer. Operating stores across Peninsular Malaysia and in Sabah & Sarawak, GCH Retail retains a strong foothold in the local retail industry and continues to maintain a strong leadership position.

(All information is correct as at 8 February 2018)


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