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Farm Fresh taps plant protein opportunity

Photo Credit: Minimeinsights.com

Malaysia-based Farm Fresh, famous for its fresh milk, has expanded into the plant protein space with three fresh soy milk products – original, reduced sugar (to be introduced soon) and unsweetened. Soy milk is a large category and is widely available and consumed by Malaysians.

The soy milk is pasteurised and homogenised and is made from Canadian non-GMO beans, which is not a unique claim as some of the other players have already called out their non-GMO and Canadian origin.

The sugar content in the original soy milk is 4.8g per 100ml serving. Both contains sea salt. The original version is sweetened with brown sugar. Farm Fresh Soy Milk is to be kept refrigerated at 4 degrees Celsius and best consumed within three days after opening as it does not contain preservatives.

Farm Fresh Soy Milk claims to use “grandma recipe dated from 1956” to strengthen the homemade appeal and the authenticity of the soy milk.

Farm Fresh Soy Milk is available in 1L pack retail at a price of RM 6.49 at Giant.


  1. I have been buying your farm fresh unsweetened soy milk. Now I can’t buy this anymore from supermarkets in PJ. Please advise.
    Disappointed I did’nt receive a reply from you.

    • Dear Sam Chan, we are not representing Farm Fresh. We are a media outfit that reports on the latest food and drink launches in the region. Please contact Farm Fresh directly. Thank you


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