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New Floral Tea Blend from Yeo’s

Image from Yeo's Singapore

Yeo’s has surprised the market with a new range of freshly brewed fusion tea with fruits and florals in Singapore. The drinks are made of premium botanical ingredients and are low in calories, have low/no sugar and contain no added preservatives.

The fusion tea comprises the following blends:

  • Chrysanthemum + Puer tea, which the local calls guk pou/guk bo in Cantonese or ju pu in Mandarin. F&N has earlier launched something similar. The Yeo’s version contains zero sugar.
  • Lychee + Puer tea
  • Red date + Black tea
  • Osmanthus + Green tea

The Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Pu’er Tea is freshly brewed from quality Yunan Pu’er tea leaves & Hangbaiju (杭白菊)chrysanthemum flowers. The 250ml drink is endorsed by the Health Promotion Board as a healthier beverage.


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