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When Bandung meets soy and calcium

Image from 7-Eleven Singapore

The new Yeo’s Bandung Soy Drink plus Calcium, launched in Singapore in February 2019, is an interesting example of how a local favourite Bandung milk drink can become a healthy drink with calcium.

The Yeo’s Bandung Soy Drink plus Calcium (250ml) contains soy bean extract, sugar, stabilisers, flavours, calcium carbonate and colour. The calcium content is 67mg per 100ml serving and total sugar at 7.8g per 100ml.

As a comparison, he Yeo’s Bandung Rose Milk Drink is made from water, cane sugar, whey powder, milk powder, creamer (glucose syrup, partially hydrogenated soy bean oil, milk protein emulsifier), flavours and colours.

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