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F&N, Gardenia harness purple power

Image from F&N Singapore

F&N has introduced the limited-edition NutriSoy Fresh Soya Milk with Purple Sweet Potato (reduced sugar) in Singapore. The drink is said to contain 3x more protein and 28x more calcium compared to 1 serving of 250ml soya bean drink. It has vitamin A as antioxidant and anthocyanins as an anti-inflammatory ingredient.

The soya milk drink taps into the purple sweet potato as superfood.

In the packaged bread category, Gardenia has launched Purple Wheat Soft Grain Loaf. It is packed full of benefits and contains 10 billion Lactobacilli from Japan and Anthocyanins, a naturally occurring antioxidant found in purple wheat.

Gardenia Purple Wheat Soft Grain Loaf. Image from Gardenia Singapore
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