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The Touch ‘n Go Ewallet Takes Over Kampong Bharu for a ‘Kashless’ Ramadan Bazaar for #RAYASEMPOI

(From left to right) Dato’ Setia Aubry Rahim Mannesson; CEO of TNG Digital, Syahrunizam Samsudin; Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Datin Paduka Setia Zatashah Binti Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah; and Rozana Hashim celebrating the official launch of #HalamanSempoi at the ‘Kashless’ Ramadan Bazaar in Kampong Bharu.
  • The Touch ‘n Go eWallet makes technology more inclusive by hosting its first-ever cashless Ramadan bazaar with exciting activities, cashbacks and rewards
  • Visitors of the bazaar can pay homage towards the cultural heritage of the Malay enclave in Kampong Bharu  
  • Advocating for #zerofoodwastage and #sayno2plastic, together with Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Datin Paduka Setia Zatashah Binti Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah

Kuala Lumpur, 11 May 2019 – Ramadan celebration this year gets a new, innovative ‘twist’ as the Touch ‘n Go eWallet (‘eWallet’) fully enables the entire Ramadan bazaar at Kampong Bharu. The ‘Kashless’ bazaar was given a ‘modernised’ touch that perfectly encapsulates the multifaceted #RayaSempoi spirit that the eWallet represents.

Users of the eWallet can pay for their iftar meals across all 400 stalls at the bazaar by simply scanning the QR code of the merchants. Once the meals are purchased, visitors can opt to break fast with the community at Halaman Sempoi, situated at Rumah Warisan.

“We want to better connect with the community by making technology more inclusive, in a way that will benefit users and merchants alike. The ‘Kashless’ Ramadan bazaar is one of our initiatives to inspire the public in reimagining the way payment is made and make eWallet payment more commonplace,” said Syahrunizam Samsudin, CEO of TNG Digital Sdn Bhd.

Visitors will be thrilled to find exciting activities at the bazaar including cashbacks worth RM1,000,000 through Ketupat Runtuh, or exclusive merchandise purchase through Hadiah Extra Sempoi and more. In keeping to the spirit of giving this Ramadan, visitors who make their way to Masjid Jamek Kampong Bharu can also make a donation using the eWallet by scanning the QR codes available at the mosque.

The ‘Kashless’ Ramadan bazaar is situated right in the middle of Kampong Bharu, a township known for its rich history and packed with local flavours. As the last Malay village in the metropolitan city, visitors often throng the streets during Ramadan for the atmosphere, local delicacies and spirit of the stalls. Visitors can grab the opportunity to learn more about the history of Rumah Warisan and Kelab Sultan Sulaiman within the compound.

#Zerofoodwastage & #sayno2plastic

During Ramadan, food wastage tends to increase by 15 to 20 per cent. With moderation being the core of this holy month, the Touch ‘n Go eWallet embarks on a programme to ensure that any excess food at the bazaar will be donated to people in need. Excess food will be collected and packed by volunteers, before it is distributed to the homeless and urban poor.

The initiative is helmed and supported by Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Datin Paduka Setia Zatashah Binti Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, in collaboration with Kechara Soup Kitchen. The Selangor princess, who is a vocal champion against wastage had visited the ‘Kashless’ bazaar earlier and distributed bubur lambuk to the public at Masjid Jamek.

She had taken the opportunity to share her passion in showcasing to the public to #sayno2plastic. “Every year we will see a lot of food and plastics being thrown away and this contributes to an enormous amount of waste. This year, I wish for all Malaysians to be responsible towards eradicating food waste and saying no to single-use plastics. I hope that more organisations can work together with the public to protect our environment to be clean and free from plastic,” said Tengku Zatashah.

To curb plastic usage and minimise food waste, the public are also encouraged to bring their own food and drink containers, as well as recycling bags to the bazaar.

The Kampong Bharu ‘Kashless’ Ramadan bazaar is open daily at 3pm, from 6 May until 31 May 2019.

For more information, terms and conditions and a full list of activities at the bazaar, visit www.tngd.my/rayasempoi or log on to  www.facebook.com/touchngoewallet/ for updates.

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The Touch ‘n Go eWallet is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.


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