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Suntory debuts Goodmood flavoured water in Malaysia

Image from 7-Eleven Malaysia

Suntory Goodmood is going places. This “near water” drink first appeared in Indonesia in 2017 and proved to be a success. Subsequently, Suntory started to introduce Goodmood into Thailand and Vietnam in March 2019 and the drink is now available in Malaysia.

Available in two flavours – yogurt and lemon honey, Goodmood (450ml) is sold at 7-Eleven for a price of RM 3.20. The drink is free from preservatives and has no artificial sweeteners.

On pack is the message Suntory is the top selling packaged water bottle producer in Japan and the image of Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji. These messages aim to strengthen the credential of Goodmood as a Japanese quality product.

The total sugar in Goodmood Yogurt and Goodmood Honey Lemon is 4.5g per 100ml. The sweeteners are stevia and sucrose.

Goodmood is certified halal by JAKIM and the drinks are manufactured locally in Malaysia. The made-in-Malaysia Goodmood is exported to Singapore, Hong Kong and Brunei.

The entry of Goodmood is expected to popularise the near water category in Malaysia as consumers move away from sugary beverages.


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