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Glinter Fuel Full prevents hunger up to 4 hours – has hemp protein

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KEKO Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd, the company behind the Glinter brand, unveiled an interesting nutritional shake at Thaifex 2019 at the end of May 2019.

Glinter Fuel Full Food Bottled is a flavoured nutritional shake and is said to be the “world’s only real simple food that prevents hunger up to 4 hours.”

Available in honey pecan, strawberry cheesecake and original flavours, the drink is naturally sweetened with honey, unrefined cane juice, coconut blossom sap and natural brown cane sugar. It is also made from non-GMO lentils and Australian rolled oats.

Another interesting thing about Glinter Fuel Full is it contains complete protein from hemp, lentils and milk providing all 9 essential amino acids. Yes, it is hemp protein that we are talking about. Hemp protein/hemp seeds can be bought in Malaysia from Zenxin Organic and Signature Snack but food and drink companies do not use hemp in their products yet due to uncertainties over legal issues.

At the moment, the government is conducting research on hemp, a member of the cannabis sativa family, to use its fibre and edible seeds for agricultural and industrial purposes. Deputy Health Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye said “hemp contains less ganja and we are studying whether this plant could be developed for agriculture.”

Glinter Fuel Full comes with the non-GMO, clean label and low GI labels on the packaging. The drink is made in Malaysia. The ingredients in the honey pecan flavoured drink are skim milk, lentil powder, rolled oat powder, coconut blossom sap, unrefined caned juice, natural brown cane sugar, honey, hemp protein, natural flavour, gellan gum, Arabic gum and pink Himalayan salt.

On a 350ml basis, the drink contains 16.5g of sugar, 5g of protein, 160 calories, 4g of dietary fibre and 125mg of sodium.



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