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Win Carlsberg’s New Premium Stem Glass

Carlsberg gives beer lovers nationwide the opportunity to win its new stem glass and own a piece of history with its classic glassware giveaway

SHAH ALAM, 1 August 2019 – Carlsberg fans can rejoice as Carlsberg is offering beer lovers across the country the chance to win its new and premium-looking stem glass which has been taking over bars, pubs and bistros by storm.

Carlsberg’s new glass is part of the brand’s new Danish-inspired identity, which balances simplicity with contemporary design and is applied across its products, packaging, communications, visibilities and amenities to deliver a better beer experience for fans of Probably The Best Beer in the World.

What sets Carlsberg’s new stem glass apart from the rest is the laser-engraved, hop leaf-shaped nucleation stamp at the bottom of the glass. The nucleation stamp creates many little pits and peaks where bubbles can form, generating more tiny bubbles that rise to the top. Because the bubbles continually replenish the foam (head), the beer maintains its head for significantly longer. This is important as bubbles help retain the aroma of the beer.

The premium experience continues with the design of the new glass itself, which features a tapered mouth designed to enhance head retention and aroma perception, a bowl-shaped design to deliver a smooth pour, embossed details on the base for a premium finish, and a chalice-style design with Danish cues that embodies Carlsberg’s new modern brand identity.

Carlsberg’s new stem glass is part of three new experiential improvements in conjunction with the brand’s new visual identity and new packaging that also sees a new Fresh Cap on Carlsberg bottles and cans that now come in Easy-to-Open packs. These “betterments” are a result of Carlsberg’s efforts and belief in constant improvement and refinement in progressive pursuit of better beer. Carlsberg “Just Keeps Getting Better!”

Meanwhile, Carlsberg is giving beer lovers a chance to win the new premium stem glass simply by purchasing two 6-can packs from the Carlsberg promoters at participating supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout the month of August, then spin to win a chance to get the stem glass, a can of Carlsberg, or a set of premium coasters.

Carlsberg fans can also own a piece of the brand’s history simply by enjoying a glass or two of draught Carlsberg at participating bars, pubs and bistros which still have the classic tulip-shaped glass and they will get to bring home the classic glass in a gift box, only available while stocks last.

These latest promotions are part of a series of nationwide consumer promotion designed to reward Carlsberg consumers throughout the months of July, August and September , including the chance to become Probably The Best Beer Master which entitles winners to an all-expensespaid trip to Carlsberg Malaysia’s brewery with a friend, an informative Art of Beer session and one year’s supply of free Carlsberg*. To participate, consumers can simply purchase Carlsberg at participating restaurants, coffeeshops, bars, pubs and bistros, and convenience stores.

Carlsberg’s new stem glass comes in the standard serving sizes of 30cl and 50cl and will be available in bars, pubs and bistros nationwide. To learn more about Carlsberg’s new look and feel, betterments and promotions, visit the brand’s Facebook page at CarlsbergMY or check out www.probablythebest.com.my.

*12 cartons of 24x 320ml cans


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