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Mitzo Presents a Playful Moutai Cocktail

Mitzo Moutai Cocktail

An exclusive Moutai Cocktail in October and November

Singapore, 24 September 2019 – Modern Cantonese Mitzo Restaurant & Bar presents an indulgent Moutai Cocktail specially concocted by Head Bartender Azlam Kadir.

Known as China’s most prestigious spirit, the Moutai has a unique savoury taste with fiery flavour. Tempering the strong heady notes of the Moutai, Head Bartender Azlam combines Chocolate Bitters and Coffee Foam and balances the drink with sweet Cherry Liqueur, showcasing his expertise in mixing Asian ingredients to create a multifaceted cocktail. This smoky tipple, garnished with Mint Leaf and Rosemary, pairs perfectly with the Cantonese cuisine at Mitzo and excites the senses as a stand-alone drink of choice.

At $18++ per cocktail, guests will be taken on an electrifying journey with the Moutai Cocktail, alongside Mitzo’s signature dishes, available from 1 October to 30 November.


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