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Nine Emperor Gods Festival and Vegetarians

Kuala Lumpur, October 2, 2019 – Nine Emperor Gods Festival happens annually, a Taoist celebration beginning on the eve of the ninth Chinese lunar calendar month, and is popularly celebrated in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.  A carnival like atmosphere will take place at the temple throughout the 9 days festival, with many devotees staying at the temple, having vegetarian meals and reciting continuous chants of prayer.  The festival is popularly celebrated across different states, such as Selangor (Ampang and Sekinchan), Pahang (Kuantan), Kelantan (Kota Bharu), Penang (Butterworth) and Perak (Ipoh). 

On the eve of the first day, a special ceremony will be held to invite the 9 Emperor Gods to come to the temple from the seas, and this will further be made merrier by the nightly Chinese operas and cultural performances.  Devotees will wish and pray for good health and general well-being by making various offerings to the deities. 

There is a folk lore that during these 9 days, the skies will rain in order to clean the path to welcome 9 Emperor Gods.

This festival is one of Malaysian’s key observation for vegetarians, which will last for nine days starting on 29th September until 7th October this year.  This is the period when devotees observe strict code of behaviour and vegetarian diet to cleanse themselves. 

 “We see a huge spike in demand for Lee Shun Hing Vegetarian Oyster Sauce during the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.  It is one of the popular and traditional items that devotees use in their cooking to meet strict vegetarian diet requirements as well as offerings to the festival.  Our product has been serving the festival vegetarian community for decades.  We have received valuable feedbacks from our customers that only Lee Shun Hing’s Vegetarian Oyster Sauce, is their preferred choice,” Mr Siew Yun Sing, the founder of Lee Shun Hing, explains.  

Lee Shun Hing Oyster Sauce meets the devotee’s strict vegetarian criteria for offerings to the deities. It is also the number one brand in vegetarian oyster sauce in Malaysia and also a top healthier food choice amongst Malaysians, through its brand promise – ‘Healthier Oyster Sauce, Tastier Flavors’.

Established in 1985, Lee Shun Hing brand received the recognition as the Healthier Choice of oyster sauce by the Ministry of Health, Singapore.  Similarly, the brand also received Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri certification (MeSTI) from Ministry of Health, Malaysia.  Lee Shun Hing brand is proudly Malaysian, meeting the very demanding taste buds of Malaysians who are spoilt with one of the best foods in the world.   

The brand is the pioneer of vegetarian (‘zhai’) oyster sauces in Malaysia since its establishment. 

Lee Shun Hing Vegetarian Oyster Sauce is made from the essence of vegetables such as celery, mushrooms and carrot.  The brand understands that Malaysians are health conscious with some choosing to adopt a vegan or vegetarian diet for lifestyle or as religious reasons. 

Lee Shun Hing is certified ‘Halal’ by the halal authentication from JAKIM.

The brand sauces are widely available nationwide through all leading and smaller food retailers. 

Full range of Lee Shun Hing Oyster Sauces:-

Sauce SRP
LSH Premium Oyster Sauce 765g/510g RM10.50 /RM7.70
LSH Oyster Sauce 765g/255g RM7.70 /RM3.50
LSH Vegetarian Oyster Sauce 765g/255g RM7.70 /RM3.50
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