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Meltwater: Sentiment tracking on Singapore’s Nutri-Grade Labelling

Global media intelligence company, Meltwater, has compiled a report highlighting key news media and social media stats from 4 – 9 Mar 2020 following the Singapore government’s announcement (5 Mar) of Nutri-Grade for pre-packaged sugary drinks, which includes an advertising ban imposed for D-grade beverages. 

Media Exposure: Insights into how media coverage is trending

Some highlights of the report include:

  • The Nutri-Grade labelling generated 20% positive and 12% negative sentiments on social media. A deeper look into the negative sentiments reveal that the new regulation should not be perceived as an “unwelcomed move”, but rather as a result of social mentions around the ill effects of diabetes.
Social Sentiment: Insight into how media coverage is broken down by positive and negative sentiment over time
  • “Alcoholic drinks” and “advertising” trended on social and media coverage as social media users made comparisons on how the Nutri-Grade labelling might be stricter than regulations imposed for alcoholic beverages.
Trending Themes: Insights into keywords and key phrases that are most frequently associated with the media coverage
  • “Joy”, “surprise” and “love” were the dominant emotions picked up on social posts, suggesting that social media users perceive the new grading to be a positive step towards healthier living.
Emotional Comparison: Insights into the relative number of documents over given time period broken down by the emotions expressed in the documents

“The Nutri-Grade labelling is a welcome move to combat diabetes, enabling consumers to make informed choices. Meltwater’s data shows that 20% of social media users have reacted positively to the new regulation while a fraction of users questioned the ban’s effectiveness. For brands looking to reformulate or introduce new variants, it’s important to strike a balance between compliance and what consumers are saying about your products,” said Mimrah Mahmood, Senior Director & Partner, Meltwater.


Data collected is based off all public conversations across news media and social media worldwide. Social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, forums, blogs and YouTube.


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