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A look at the new AEON Drive-Thru service (Updated)

The AEON Drive-Thru service by AEON Group in Malaysia for both AEON Big and AEON Supermarket has received a lot of media coverage lately. With online delivery coming to a standstill due to the surge in order in recent weeks, the order and pick-up model can be an attractive option for consumers to get what they need quickly without having to leave their cars.

However, AEON Drive-Thru does have a shortcoming. The service suffers from the lack of choices. The product list at AEON Big Tun Hussein Onn contains around 140 SKUs. Do note that, the product list differs by outlet and format – AEON Big/AEON Supermarket.

At AEON Big Tun Hussein Onn (Cheras), there are no perishables eg fruits and vegetables in the product list. The bakery option comprises only AEON private label bread.

At AEON Cheras Selatan, the situation improves with 9 perishables consisting of apples, potatoes, oranges, lemons, pak choy, iceberg lettuce, white garlic, red onion, mushroom etc. There is a cap on the number of order that can be placed on each item.

AEON STYLE Taman Maluri Product List

Luckily, consumers have the option to put in their request other products not on the list. The plus point for AEON Drive-Thru is there is no minimum order. The operation hour is from 10am to 6pm with pick up from 12pm to 6pm.

AEON Drive-Thru is available at 16 AEON Big outlets and 12 AEON Supermarket.


AEON has improved the Drive-Thru service by updating the shopping list with more products that are relevant to shoppers. At AEON Big Tun Hussein Onn (Cheras), there are now fresh/frozen seafood and fresh meat options in addition to having more choices of fresh vegetables.


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