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LuLu Hypermarket launches click and collect service

The new LuLu Hypermarket Malaysia click and collect service, launched on 3 April 2020, has a shopping list that covers 323 SKUs at the time of writing. The list contains 27 fruit and vegetable SKUs, more than what’s being offered at AEON Drive-Thru service.

Onion Bag Appx 1kg7.79
Garlic Bag Appx 500gm5.49
Daun Ketumbar (Cor.Leaves )3.29
Daun Bawang2.99
Yellow Onions pkt 1kg4.49
Daun Pudina1.99
Ladies Finger 300gm Pkt3.99
Japanese Cucumber 300gm Pkt3.99
Garlic Bag Appx 1kg10.49
Pre Pack Carrot Australia3.49
A/F Potato 1kg Pkt2.99
Tender Coconut3.99
Lushious Lettuce Iceberg4.99
Lushious Lettuce Mix Coral5.99
Lushious Lettuce Butterhead5.99
Red Plum 500gm8.99
Kiwi Fruit Pkt9.99
Fuji Apples (S) 8’s8.99
Red Apples (S) 8’s8.99
Valencia Oranges 1kg8.99
Black S/Less Grapes 500g7.99
Lemon 1kg pkt9.99
Green S/Less Grapes 500g7.89
Red S/Less Grapes 500g9.99
Green Apples (S) 10pcs9.99
Apple Mix Pkt8.99
Avocado Pkt19.99

Click here for the shopping list.

LuLu Hypermarket click and collect service is currently available at 2 outlets – Capsquare, KL and 1Shamelin Mall, Cheras. The minimum order is RM 10. The website will accept order until 14th April 2020 or until further notice.

Do note, any request of purchase for any item other than listed products will not be entertained. Only cashless payment method is acceptable. The maximum quantity per item is currently set at 2. The operation hour is from 9am to 5pm.


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