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New Indofood Kecap Manis turns the spotlight on fermentation

Indonesia’s Indofood has recently unveiled a new sweet soy sauce formula that has undergone 120 days of natural fermentation. The company highlights the long fermentation period to demonstrate the rich savory sweet taste and quality of its sweet soy sauce to stand out in the crowd.


High-quality soy sauce uses only natural fermentation and are typically fermented between 90 and 180 days. Some soy sauce can even be fermented for up to a year to command a higher price. In South Korea, the prized soy sauces are often aged and fermented for decades.

Marketing soy sauce based on their fermentation period is quite common in Asian markets especially in North Asia. Consumers in these markets tend to associate the long fermentation period with high quality and authenticity.

In Indonesia, soy sauce makers are more likely to put the spotlight on the high quality ingredients instead of stressing on the fermentation method. The new Indofood Sweet Sauce now introduces the concept of naturally brewed as a new factor to consider when choosing soy sauce.


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