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Despite Covid, 800 Food & Beverage producers invest in taste

Covid or no Covid, over 800 food and drink producers from around the world show their focus on taste by submitting their products to the 2020 blind test by the International Taste Institute’s prestigious Chefs and Sommeliers. 1510 products receive the well-known Superior Taste Award.

Brussels, Belgium, June 2nd, 2020: As each year, the prestigious jury of Chefs and Sommeliers of the International Taste Institute has evaluated the taste of food and drink products registered for the Superior Taste Award certification. The results of the tests have just been released by the Taste Institute.

This year, 1510 products were certified: the names of the products awarded and of their respective producer are posted on the International Taste Institute’s website https://www.taste-institute.com.

The awards for the certified products are distributed as follows:

1 Star (“very good taste”, or a score between 70 and 80 %):            430 awarded

2 Stars (“notable taste”, or a score between 80 and 90%):               755 awarded

3 Stars (“Remarkable taste”, or a score over 90%):                         325 awarded

Some producers are standing out in their focus on taste and register the same products on a regular basis. Two special awards recognize such products that keep an exceptional taste over the time: the Crystal Taste Award (3 stars for 3 consecutive years), and the Diamond Taste Award (3 stars, 7 times over 10 years). This year 35 products were awarded the Crystal Taste Award and 16 products received the exclusive Diamond Taste Award. These remarkable products come from all over the world.

All the products certified passed a rigorous sensory evaluation by reputed Chefs and Sommeliers from different European Culinary Associations according to a blind tasting methodology. Each drink or food product is attributed a taste score and depending on the results, it may receive the well-known “Superior Taste Award” certification.

Why are quality conscious producers constantly challenging themselves on the taste of their products? “Producers know that consumers expect tasty products, and they want to deliver on this … “ said Eric de Spoelberch, Managing Director of the International Taste Institute, “…there is so much choice for the consumer that producers need to be in a mindset of constant product improvement, whether for new products or for their existing products”. And indeed, in a 2019 survey by the International Food Information Council Foundation, 86% of consumers stated taste as their primary reason for buying a product, far ahead of the next criteria, price with 68%, or healthfulness with 62%.

During the Covid crisis, producers played a vital role as they have had to continue food and drink production despite very difficult circumstances. Despite the workload, they were numerous to continue focusing on taste, as shown by the high participation to the 2020 Superior Taste Award evaluation. “Quality is very important for us and taste is a key aspect of quality. The evaluation helps us validate that our products are tasty and of the highest quality. After all, consumers will not buy a product again if they didn’t enjoy it the first time. We producers have to earn the trust of consumers on a daily basis and this certification shows that we take taste seriously…” commented Andre Woldt, Category Development Manager Global Cider – Heineken International, who registered products this year again.

Stijn Roelandt – Sous-Chef at Hof van Cleve, 3 Michelin stars – explains how he and his colleagues perform the evaluations for the International Taste Institute: “It’s a strict process. The products are blind tasted; this means that the samples are anonymized: we do not see the packaging and do not know the brand name nor the producers’ name; we don’t even know from which country it comes. This forces us to be completely objective as we do the sensory analysis. Only truly good products are certified”.

To conclude, the jury and the staff of the International Taste Institute address their warm congratulations to all the food and drink producers with awarded products in 2020.

Names of awarded products & companies are available on https://www.taste-institute.com.

Below is the list of products from Southeast Asia awarded with the award.

CambodiaGold Crown3stars 
IndonesiaMilagros Alkaline Water2stars
IndonesiaOrganic Coconut Aminos2stars
MalaysiaHamadaya Japanese Premium Seasoning Soy Sauce1star
MalaysiaSalam Kicap Manis Pedas2stars
MalaysiaWoh Hup Volcanic Hot Sauce2stars
MalaysiaM&S COCONUT CREAM2stars
MalaysiaSpritzer Sparkling Natural Mineral Water2stars
MalaysiaSpritzer Bonrica1star
MalaysiaSpritzer Tinge1star
MalaysiaAcilis by Spritzer Still Artesian Bottled Drinking Water2stars
MalaysiaSpritzer 事必胜天然矿泉水3stars/CRYSTAL
MalaysiaSpritzer Natural Mineral Water3stars 
MyanmarGrand Royal Black Whisky2stars
MyanmarGrand Royal Signature Whisky2stars
MyanmarGlan Master Double Smooth Whiskey1star
MyanmarGlan Master Finest Whiskey2stars
PhilippinesTanduay Asian Rum Gold3stars 
PhilippinesTanduay Asian Rum Silver3stars
PhilippinesTanduay Double Rum2stars
PhilippinesTanduay CLX Rum2stars
SingaporeLADY Y FRESH STEWED Edible Bird Nest2stars
ThailandBESTMATE 56% Dark Couverture Buttons1star
ThailandBESTMATE Dark Couverture Chips2stars
ThailandHello Wegan Habanero Sauce With Green Jackfruit2stars
ThailandCAFE CREMA BEAN2stars
ThailandOrganic Brown Thai Hom Mali Rice 100%3stars
ThailandOrganic Thai Hom Mali Rice 100%3stars
ThailandThai Hom Mali Rice 100%2stars
ThailandNew Crops Thai Hom Mali Rice 100%3stars
ThailandFesta Gold Freeze Dried Coffee Extract1star
ThailandJAOKA Spring Water2stars
ThailandVivalka Mineral Alkaline Water Natural 100%2stars
ThailandThai Tea powder mixed Lime Flavor (All Cafe Brand)1star
ThailandLatte Coffee mix powder formula 1 (ZENYA BRAND)2stars
ThailandThai Milk Tea powder mixed Fine-Taste Formula 2 (ZENYA BRAND)1star
ThailandDried Honey Lemon1star
ThailandTamarind 4 Tastes2stars
ThailandCrispy Chilli Sour Cream & Onion Flavour with Mixed Nuts (ChiLee Brand)2stars
ThailandLess Sugar Finest Extreme Strawberry Jam 2stars
ThailandChrysanthemum and Chamomile No Sugar Added1star
ThailandDehydrated Strawberry1star
Thailand100% HONEY2stars
Thailand“Made by Todd” Sriracha chili sauce2stars
Thailand“Made by Todd” Yentafo sauce1star
Thailand“Made by Todd” Sukiyaki sauce2stars
Thailand“Made by Todd” Thai Basil and Chilli Stir Fry Sauce1star
ThailandIF Coconut Tablet Original Flavored1star
ThailandFairy Rose Drink1star
ThailandTHE GARDEN EDEN : ADAM Flavor Light1star
ThailandUFC Velvet Oat Milk (Unsweetened)1star
ThailandUFC Velvet Coconut Milk (Unsweetened)2stars
ThailandUFC Refresh 100% Coconut Water2stars
ThailandThai Coco : Sweetened Condensed Coconut milk1star
ThailandThai Coco : Watermelon Juice1star
ThailandThai Coco :  Massaman Curry 2stars
ThailandMont Fleur Mineral water3stars/CRYSTAL
ThailandCoco Milk Durian1star
ThailandCoco Milk Mango1star
VietnamFestival 2stars
VietnamHalida Export1star
VietnamHuda Ice Blast2stars


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