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Aice new egg milk ice cream to boost immune system

Image from Aice Indonesia

The Indonesian ice cream maker Aice has recently introduced a new ice cream specially for the COVID-19 pandemic period. The new Aice Susu Telur, literally translated as Aice Egg Milk ice cream, is made of egg, milk and honey. These ingredients help to boost the body’s immune system to ward of viruses. Other ingredients include chocolate, strawberry and nata de coco for the texture.

Honey and milk are familiar to many people and are associated with health. But not many know exactly why they are good for you. To strengthen the better-for-you message, Aice has recruited health expert Dr Arti Indira to explain the health benefits of consuming honey, milk and egg.

The ice cream is available in single unit and in a family pack of 5 sticks with one free mask included in the family pack.

Sometimes simple ingredients like honey, milk and eggs are already sufficient to position a product to ride the immunity trend.


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