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Drink Memberry for better brain health

Memberry, a new functional UHT milk has been launched in Thailand. This mixed berry flavoured milk is made from fresh milk and mulberry, strawberry and blueberries grown by the Royal Project by Thai farmers.  

The berries contain anthocyanin and polyphenols, known to to help improve memory therefore making Memberry ideal for people from all age groups including students and the elderly. The berries also contain antioxidants and rich in vitamin C.

According to Memberry, among the ways you can take good care of your brain is to learn new things, manage your stress, social activities, engage in brain boosting activities such as games and finally drink Memberry.

To validate the efficacy of Memberry, the company claims the UHT milk has undergone clinical test with experts from the US and Thailand.

Memberry is available at selected outlets of MK and Yayoi restaurants in Thailand. MK scientists developed the milk drink help improve the memory and reduce stress levels.


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