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Celebrate your Malaysian-ness with Pocky Teh Tarik

As a follow up on the Pocky Cendol, there is now a new Pocky Teh Tarik to pay tribute to Malaysia’s most popular drink.

This Pocky Malaysia’s exclusive new launch features the aroma of Ceylon tea combine with Pocky crunchy biscuit sticks. Pocky Teh Tarik is available for a limited time only, while stock lasts.

Pocky and Pretz are actively launching local flavours inspired from the local food scenes in Southeast Asia with the likes of chili crab, chicken rice, cendol and the iconic Maepranom Thai chilli paste. Going local has become a route to success for not just snack brands but also for food and drinks at large.

Get your Pocky Teh Tarik now from Shopee.


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