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Wise Cottage now has Korean Spicy Fried Chicken flavour

Image by 7-Eleven Malaysia

BJC Foods, the maker of the popular snack brand Wise Cottage, has added another interesting flavour Korean Spicy Fried Chicken. In recent months, Wise Cottage has been quite active in bringing innovate flavours including spicy ones into the Malaysian snack food category including cili padi (bird’s eye chilli) and ghost pepper.

Wise Cottage has also rolled out the sea salt and peppercorn flavour as part of its mission of giving delectable goodness where consumers will definitely crave for more.

Korean spicy fried chicken flavour is inspired from foodservice where the Korean spicy fried chicken dish has proven to be popular among Malaysians. Even local sauce companies like Adabi has come up with its own Korean Spicy Sauce.

Without needing to go to a restaurant or make your own Korean spicy chicken, you can still enjoy the flavour in the form of a chip. So get yours now from the nearest 7-Eleven.


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