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Confirmed! Ghost pepper drink is not an idea that is too far fetch

Image by Minimeinsights.com

Back in March 2020, we said a “ghost pepper drink may not be too far fetch right?” Well this has now become a reality! Mamee has heed our call with the launch of the Ghost Pepper flavoured cola drink as part of the limited Halloween edition Daebak Ghost Pepper Combo Pack.

Image by Minimeinsights.com

Mamee really knows how to monetise “ghost pepper,” extending this insanely spicy flavour to areas nobody would think is possible (the exception is Mini Me Insights as we have seen too many bizzare products out there already!)

The new Ghost Pepper Cola is described as a collaboration between Daebak and Cheers. Unlike the Pink Mamee Monster who has simply just ran away, this ghost pepper combo pack sits comfortably at 7-Eleven waiting to be picked up.

Image by 7-Eleven Malaysia

I guess most Malaysians have already been “ghost pepperised” and are mentally prepared to face the moment of truth knowing very well the outcome of putting this cola into their mouth. Lo and behold,  Ghost Pepper Cola is true to its name – SPICY! Just like drinking mala soup.

Get yours at the nearest 7-Eleven now.










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