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Mister Potato “ghost pepper-ising” its chips

Image credit: Minimeinsights.com

Mamee is slowly “ghost pepper-ising” its product range in Malaysia. The latest to fall under the spicy spell is the company’s flagship Mister Potato. The new Mister Potato x Daebak Ghost Pepper Black Crisps is a collaboration with sister brand Daebak, which was the first to feature the ghost pepper flavour in its instant noodle.

The ghost pepper crisps come in a small canister, which makes sense since it does take a lot of courage to finish the entire canister in one go. This is not your standard once opened finish ’em all crisps. Rather your stomach has to be able to withstand the heat, which lingers in your mouth after the first bite. Beware, eating is just the start of the process. Wait till tomorrow haha.

Who ever successfully finishes the crazy spicy crisps within the stipulated time will earn a certificate of achievement from Mister Potato. Well, for those who can accomplish the feat in less than 30 seconds, they will forever be part the prestigious “hottest potato squad”. For us, mere mortals, who cannot even finish the whole canister by ourselves, we may as well resign to the fate of not even being fit to call “ordinary human” (measured by their ability to gobble up all the crisps within 3-10 minutes).

One thing Mister Potato x Daebak Ghost Pepper Black Crisps can be potentially good at is waking all the sleepy heads while driving, studying or working because it is that spicy. Perhaps Mamee can concoct a ghost pepper tonic to improve mental alertness. With coffee + essence of chicken a reality now, ghost pepper drink may not be too far fetch right?


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