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Baskbear Coffee delivers coffee from virtual outlets

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Loob Holding’s Baskbear Coffee is focusing on becoming a leading and fastest growing virtual coffee brand in Malaysia. Baskbear Coffee is a sister brand of the popular bubble tea chain brand Tealive.

Baskbear has 7 physical outlets and 53 virtual outlets across Klang Valley, Penang, Johor and Seremban. The virtual outlets only offers online orders for delivery and pickup through delivery partners such as foodpanda and GrabFood. This business model is more cost efficient as the company can leverage on existing equipment and staff from Tealive  rather than opening new branches.

Image by Baskbear

For example, the Baskbear Coffee virtual outlets in KPDNHEP Putrajaya, SS2 and Bandar Sunway are located inside the Tealive outlet. Customers who want to order Baskbear coffee have to order through the app for delivery and cannot order directly from the counter for takeaway.

The idea of the virtual outlets enables Loob Holding to leverage on the extensive network of Tealive stores to offer coffee beverages to consumers. These coffee drinks can be in the form of takeaway or in RTD for drip coffee format. The coronavirus and its impact on foodservice shows the importance of optimising technology to meet changing consumer needs.

This article was written Muhammad Yushairie Mohd Yusoff with edits by Mini Me Insights




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