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Vinamilk new premium Fruit Love uses imported kiwi, pomegranate

Image by Vinamilk

Vietnam’s Vinamilk has rolled out its latest premium imported fruit juice under the Fruit Love series. Fruit Love contains pomegranate and kiwi. Each pack of 1 litre juice features fruit juices pressed from about 2kg of natural, fresh, non-GMO fruits.

Fruit Love is a naturally sweet fruit juice with absolutely no added sugar. The product does not use preservatives.

One of the key selling points of Fruit Love is the use of imported fruits – kiwi and pomegranate, which are both new to Vinamilk’s existing juice products Vietnam. The other is the promise that the fruit juice is extracted from 2kg of fruits.

Fruit Love is positioned as a premium fruit juice. Each 1 litre pack of Fruit Love is priced at VND 56,386 (USD 2.4), making it 40% more expensive than Vinamilk 100% juice (VND 40,293) and 55% more expensive than Vinamilk nectar (VND 36,443).

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