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Spritzer Natural Mineral Water Passes Test for Plastics Contaminants

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Laboratory test shows no microplastics detected in natural mineral water sample

KUALA LUMPUR/TAIPING, 14 April 2021 – Spritzer Malaysia (“Spritzer” or the “Company”), which produces Malaysia’s best-selling natural mineral water, has released the results of an analysis conducted by SIRIM, a reputable independent laboratory showing that no microplastics have been detected in Spritzer’s silica-rich natural mineral water

The laboratory had recently conducted tests from a sample taken from a 600ml Spritzer Natural Mineral Water bottle produced on 21 January 2021 and did not detect any synthetic polymers or microplastics, even when examined under 50 times magnification.

This is in contrast to research conducted by the State University of New York – Fredonia (“SUNY-Fredonia”) titled “Synthetic Polymer Contamination in Bottled Water” revealing that many international brands of bottled water were contaminated with microplastics, which, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the European Chemicals Agency, are very small fragments of plastic originating from various industrial and manufacturing processes and products that can contaminate natural ecosystems.

The tests done by SUNY-Fredonia covered 259 individual bottles from 27 different lots across 11 brands, purchased from 19 locations in nine countries around the world. The SUNY-Fredonia report noted that there was an average of 325 particles per litre, with concentration ranging from zero to more than 10,000 particles in a single bottle. From the samples, the report found that 93% were found to contain microplastics.

Most notably, the SUNY-Fredonia tests showed that microplastics were detected in the samples from these brands ranging from 6.5 uM (micrometre) to 100 uM in sizes. However, the recent analysis conducted by the independent laboratory showed that in these ranges and even up to 1uM, no microplastics were detected in Spritzer Natural Mineral Water.

The findings from SIRIM are a powerful affirmation of the stringent quality processes practiced by Spritzer, and a testament to its efforts in ensuring that the pristine 330-acre site in Taiping, Perak located near a tropical rainforest from which the Company draws the sources of its natural mineral water, is kept clean and safe for consumption.

Spritzer, which has won awards for the refreshing taste of its mineral water as well as various certifications for product processing, is committed to protecting the integrity, quality, safety and purity of this natural water source with automated and advanced bottling technology used to ensure that it is free from pollution.

Silica-rich mineral water has also been found to be beneficial to health, as research by UK-based Keele University has found. Those who consume 1- to 1.5 litres of Spritzer Natural Mineral Water can reduce or eliminate aluminium toxins found in their bodies as the silicate acid in the natural mineral water bonds with the toxins that are then passed out as urine.

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