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New Spritzer Sparkling Lemon taps more usage occasions

Image credit: Minimeinsights.com

Spritzer Malaysia has unveiled its latest Spritzer Sparkling Lemon at FHM 2023 as part of the bid to expand the usage occasions of its carbonated water series. Consumers can now enjoy the lemon flavoured carbonated water on its own or use it as a mixer.

The bottled water company has also showcased Spritzer Sparkling Water in a new premium glass bottle. The packaging of the sparkling water in a glass bottle has the logo bearing the date 1989. The year 1989 was the year when Spritzer founded its first bottling plant in the Tupai Industrial Area in Taiping. The use of the date and the choice of glass bottle are both ways to express the premiumness of the product and the heritage of the brand.

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