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Win Sony Playstation 5 Consoles and Apple Airpods Weekly with ‘Tic Tac and Play’ Contest

Image by Tic Tac

20 April 2021 – Tic Tac®, the iconic name for smooth refreshing mints, invites Malaysians to unleash their creativity with ‘Tic Tac and Play’. This contest calls on participants to express how they feel about Tic Tac in the most creative way, and stand a chance to take home amazing weekly prizes such as the coveted Sony PlayStation 5 Blu-Ray Edition consoles and the popular Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case.

While it was first produced in Europe in 1969, Tic Tac has been a part of Malaysian lives for decades. Many of us have grown up with Tic Tac’s iconic pills, flavours and the ‘rattle’ pack. Each Tic Tac pill is manufactured over 24 hours and is packed with over 100 layers of freshness.

As a unique mint brand, Tic Tac has always been looking for fun and fresh ways to connect Malaysians with each other and to Tic Tac’s own unique yet familiar flavours. ‘Tic Tac and Play’ is the perfect opportunity to manifest its refreshing taste by creating refreshing moments that are both interactive and culturally relevant for Tic Tac fans.

Running from 19th April to 25th June 2021, the contest is giving away the most sought-after gadgets for entertainment every week. Through the contest and prizes, Tic Tac seeks to give its fans a chance to channel their creativity and imagination, while also allowing them an enjoyable little escape from the current pandemic situation and everyday lives in general.

To enter ‘Tic Tac and Play’ contest, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Purchase Tic Tac in any flavour such as Mint, Orange, Spearmint and Strawberry.
  2. Visit TicTacPlay.net or scan the QR code to upload your purchase receipt.
  3. Through the same website, complete the phrase “Tic Tac is Fresh and _____” with the most creative word or phrase and submit your entry.

The two most creative and original entries for the week will be chosen as winners, and will be contacted in the following week. For more information on ‘Tic Tac and Play’ contest, please visit TicTacPlay.net and the Tic Tac Malaysia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/tictacmalaysia.


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