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Flux Panda Looking to Level eCommerce Playing Field in ASEAN Region

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Shopee and Lazada continue to dominate the eCommerce market in the South East Asian region, a study by iPrice Group showed and new player Flux Panda is hoping to bring a huge portion of the market share back to retailers and brands.

The quarterly study showed that Shopee led in monthly web visits and PlayStore and App Store rankings in six out of seven countries among all the eCommerce companies. Lazada took the second spot for the same performance indicators in four countries. The study only included Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Aside from small businesses and dropshippers, big companies are now reliant on both Shopee and Lazada especially during the monthly one-day sales that generate a lot of revenue for both the platforms and merchants.

Flux Panda, a live selling solution, is looking to change this by empowering businesses to own their platforms and have more control over consumer data.

“By utilizing live streaming on multiple platforms, businesses can reach a wider audience without depending on these top marketplaces,” says Flux Panda Founder and CEO Alexander Rauser. “Flux Panda also allows businesses to have a more direct relationship with their customers through data collection and management.”

Flux Panda comes with an eCommerce platform to help manage orders and inventory. It can also be integrated with existing eCommerce websites and apps.

Live selling is a popular marketing and sales tactic in which merchants go on a live stream to demonstrate and sell their products. It is popular among online businesses in ASEAN and its popularity increased further when the pandemic started. Both Lazada and Shopee also offer live selling on their platforms.

About Flux Panda

Flux Panda is a live selling solution established in 2020. It combines the functionalities of a multi-platform live streaming tool and an eCommerce website so viewers can view the details, add to cart, and pay for the items being demonstrated. It is the only solution where merchants can sign up and go live without any assistance or setup fees. Flux Panda can be used by merchants with or without their own eCommerce site. Get in touch with us at sales@fluxpanda.com or visit our website www.fluxpanda.com




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