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Signature Market: It takes one day for most Malaysians to forgive

Advocates gratitude journaling for more positive state of mind

KUALA LUMPUR, 2 June 2021: A survey carried out by homegrown direct-to-consumer (D2C) lifestyle brand Signature Market revealed that 44.3 percent of Malaysians will take about a day to forgive someone who has wronged them.

Apart from that 32.2 percent of Malaysians will take one hour or less to forgive.

The survey carried out online among 4,562 respondents from all over Malaysia also revealed that 10.4 percent of Malaysians will never forgive the person who has wronged them unless they receive an apology.

On the other hand, 6.9 percent takes about a week to forgive and 6.2 percent more than a week.

The survey also revealed a correlation between positive mental health practices and the rate of forgiveness.

For instance, among those who took less than an hour to forgive, only 7.53 per cent said that they do not engage in positive mental health activities such as sports (54.11 per cent), aromatherapy (19.32 per cent), practicing gratitude (14.11 per cent), yoga (3.42 per cent) and journaling (1.51 per cent).

On the other hand, among those who will never forgive unless apologised to, the number of those who do not engage in positive mental health activities is higher — 17.32 per cent.

On dealing with anger, the survey revealed that more than half of Malaysians will remind themselves to relax and stay calm when angry. This is followed by those who will be silent and hide their anger (20.6%), burst in rage (14.4%) and ignore their anger (10.6%).

Edwin Wang – Founder Signature Market

“While it is good to know that Malaysians are generally calm and forgiving people, the percentage of those who do not deal with anger in a healthy way adds up to 45.6%. These groups of people go to the extremes of suppressing their anger or burst in rage,” said Signature Market founder and CEO Edwin Wang who is also a strong advocate for practicing gratitude.

Wang launched his gratitude journal on Signature Market’s e-commerce site in March this year.

The D2C e-commerce founder who shared his personal stories on developing external wealth (money, career and business) and internal wealth (wisdom, confidence, love and happiness) in the gratitude journal said, “when one mindfully brings into account all the good things that happened each day and be thankful for them, one’s mindset will switch towards abundance. When one’s mind is occupied with the search for abundance, there will be less space for anger or other negative thoughts”.

He explained that with mental health issues being on the rise among Malaysians, more so during the pandemic, Signature Market that stands for wholesome living — eating real foods, awakening the senses with a variety of scents from essential oils and living with abundance mindset — is looking into making mental health advocacy, particularly in the area of practicing gratitude Signature Market’s corporate social responsibility (CSR).

“After seven years in business, we have a plan to be listed on Bursa Malaysia in the first quarter of next year.

“This is a big milestone for us at Signature Market and this milestone could not have been achieved without the support of Malaysians. As such, we would like to give back by contributing towards uplifting the mindset of Malaysians as we inch closer to a developed nation,” said Wang.


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