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Tanduay Ice Lime Ginger with 6% ABV for casual, easy going drinkers who wants something light and taste good

The new Tanduay Ice Lime Ginger is now available at 7-Eleven in the Philippines. The new alcomix is infused with the blend of lime and ginger and has an ABV of 6%. The drink is designed to appeal to “casual, easy going drinkers who are looking to drink something that is light and tastes good at the right price without getting you the hassle of a hangover from being drunk.”

According to Jill Villanueva, Marketing Manager for Tanduay Ice,

“We are very much excited to introduce the newest addition to our Tanduay Ice offerings, Tanduay Ice Vodka Lime Ginger. It is about time that we give our young and loyal customers a new alcomix drink that is at par if not even better than its competitors, has the right sweetness and is also easy on the throat. A perfect partner for that refreshing and easy drinking experience.”


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