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SPY Zero Sugar only has up to 88 kcal per bottle

Thailand’s Siam Winery, the maker of SPY Wine Cooler sparkling wine drink, has launched SPY Zero Sugar with a new packaging design and new formula containing low calories. SPY Wine Cooler is the first drink in the local market targeting female consumers.

The SPY Zero Sugar Classic has 75 Kcal and SPY Zero Sugar Red has 88 Kcal per bottle. The calorie content is clearly mentioned on pack, which highlights the importance of having the calorie content on pack to attract calorie-counting consumers.

SPY Zero Sugar uses a simple and easy-to-understand anology of burning all the calories with a TikTok dance.

SPY Zero Sugar is aimed at females but there is also the white space to target calorie-conscious male consumers and that will be through hard seltzer.

SPY Zero Sugar is now available at Lotus’s, Maxvalu, Villa, CJ Express, Tops, Big C, The Mall, Foodland, and 7-11 nationwide.



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