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POKKA Launches New Fa-brew-lous Premium Peppermint Mocha

Singapore, 29 September 2021 — POKKA Singapore, Singapore’s leading Ready-To-Drink beverage brand, is bolstering its premium coffee line-up with the unveiling of a limited edition all-new coffee flavour. On 29 September, POKKA Singapore will be launching Singapore’s first and only ready-to-drink Premium Peppermint Mocha Coffee in a bottle (500ml). Peppermint Mocha lovers rejoice as you can now grab your holiday must-haves well ahead of Christmas!

Early Christmas Miracle is Possible with POKKA

Brewed from specially selected gourmet coffee beans, you can expect a freshly brewed, aromatic cuppa from POKKA. The new Premium Peppermint Mocha is the fifth in POKKA’s line-up of ready-to-drink premium coffee selection including the POKKA Premium Milk Coffee, POKKA Premium Milk Coffee (Less Sugar), POKKA Premium Cappuccino, POKKA Premium Mocha.

Whether you are looking to get your caffeine fix or a flavorful thirst quencher, the POKKA coffee range would be perfect for you! Made with no colouring or preservatives and also low in sugar, you can definitely indulge in our coffee range with confidence and have it hot or cold – however you like!

Developed right here in Singapore, the POKKA Peppermint Mocha Coffee is brewed to perfection for the local taste buds. Enjoy 500ml of the creamy, minty and delicious goodness that you have long been waiting for, anytime and anywhere you want! Retailing at $2.40 per bottle, It will soon be readily available in all 7-Eleven stores, for a limited period only.

Coffee Just Got Cooler with POKKA’s Exclusive Metal Straws!

Christmas treats come early this year with POKKA Singapore. Want a touch of ex-straw-dinary to your coffee? Here’s some exclusive deals you shouldn’t miss out on! From 29 September till 26 October, purchase two bottles of Peppermint Mocha from your nearest 7-Eleven stores to redeem an exclusive reusable metal straw set while its stocks last. Go green with every sip of POKKA’s latest drink with your very own reusable straws!

With quality roasted coffee beans and real brews, have a sip of our Peppermint Mocha that is so satisfying and robust that it is a delectable treat any time of the day; from brightening up your mornings to a very much needed cup of perk me up at work. If you’re feeling especially fancy or festive, you can even add a dollop of whipped cream and some sprinkles for garnish to the drink (And of course, pop in our exclusive metal straw for that extra touch)! With the taste and aroma it is easy to see why POKKA’s coffee range is the choice brand for many coffee lovers.

What are you waiting for? Grab a POKKA Premium Coffee for your daily caffeine fix and be sure to try out POKKA’s Peppermint Mocha from 29 September 2021 onwards!

Visit www.pokka.co for more information, our socials for the latest updates.



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