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Meat & Livestock Australia unveils its new line-up of Lambassadors and plans for their upcoming Lambassador program

(Above: Newly appointed Lambassadors, Alysia Chan from REBEL REBEL, Felix Chong from Monti, Eddie Goh from Meatsmith Telok Ayer and Peter Smit from No Sleep Club)

SINGAPORE, 28 October 2021 – Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has officially unveiled its new line-up of “Lambassadors”. They will act as brand ambassadors for Australian lamb, joining the global Lambassador program to showcase the fantastic flavours, high quality and versatility of Australian lamb in Southeast Asia and globally. The campaign will also engage consumers with activations and a new video series airing in the following months, featuring episodes that brings everyone on the Australian farm-to-plate journey.

The latest Lambassadors include in-house chef to Asia’s 8th Best Bar, Peter Smit from No Sleep Club; co-founder of The Anna Alliance and head chef of REBEL REBEL, Alysia Chan; head chef to American smokehouse, Meatsmith Telok Ayer, Eddie Goh and head chef to the recent winner of the Restaurant of the Year at the World Gourmet Awards, Felix Chong from Monti. MLA handpicked each up and coming culinary talent as one to watch in the local culinary scene. The Lambassadors will be featured in upcoming projects that will showcase easy yet versatile ways to prepare an Aussie lamb dish that is replicable at home for families to enjoy.

The selected chefs will join long-term Lambassador, Paul Foster, who will break down any common misconceptions many Singaporeans associate with lamb with his upcoming series. Lamb Me Your Recipe, a four-episode series that will feature familiar faces like butcher, Angharad Onions, Owner & Head Chef of Burnt Ends, Dave Pynt and even Foster’s mother, makes an appearance. The series will dive into different recipes and ways to prepare lamb and better understand the paddock-to-plate story of Australian lamb. Foster aims to inspire more Singaporeans to enjoy tender, high quality Aussie lamb and discover how complementary it can be with popular recipes. Launching on Monday, 1 November 2021, Lamb Me Your Recipe’s pilot episode will stream globally on the Lambassador website and Instagram. 

The Lambassador program aims to continue building a community that brings together passionate foodies to share their knowledge and expertise on all things Aussie lamb with Singapore consumers. As a market that is discerning and appreciative of good quality products, the little red dot has always and continues to be an important market for MLA. Through the Lambassador campaign, MLA looks forward to providing a platform to educate and share recipes and industry knowledge.

MLA looks to expand its Lambassador community by partnering with over 10 restaurants and retailers across the island to encourage Singaporeans to try and indulge in the rich flavours of Australian lamb in different cuisines and dishes. Lambassador partners include Butcher’s Box, Burnt Ends, Little Farms, Pasta Bar and many more. Whether it is a home-cooked lamb roast or a juicy pulled-lamb taco, Singapore will be spoilt for choice when it comes to savouring Aussie lamb.

With Australia’s abundance of wide-open spaces, Australian lamb is proudly free-range, mild-tasting and naturally lean and tender. Its farmers take a natural approach to sustainable farming, working alongside the government to be an industry that aims to be carbon neutral by 2030. Boasting a reputation of trusted, high-quality lamb, Australia is known for producing some of the world’s finest red meat with comprehensive food safety, quality assurance, and traceability to ensure that only the best meat gets to your plate.

“We are proud and excited to have such a star-studded line-up of Lambassadors and partners that will help raise the profile of Australian lamb and its versatility. We hope that consumers will enjoy the upcoming video series with Paul Foster and other activations that we have in the works and take the time to indulge in some amazing Aussie lamb,” said Valeska, Regional Manager, Southeast Asia for MLA.

Website: lambassador.asia

Instagram: instagram.com/lambassadorsg


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