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Indonesian RTD tea goes big

Teh Pucuk Harum in 1.5L pack

Indonesian RTD teas are going big in size. Teh Pucuk Harum is now available in the family size of 1,500ml. The existing PET variants are 500ml and 350ml.

Teh Gelas Big

OT Group’s Teh Gelas rolled out what is known as Teh Gelas Big in the cup format probably around August 2016. Now the Teh Gelas cup has two sizes 190ml and the new 320ml, which is 66% bigger. Teh Gelas first started out in cup where it became popular. It launched its first PET format in 2014. The company seems to have dropped the Tetra Pak format, a format currently popular with Ultrajaya’s Teh Kotak.

PET: 500ml, 350ml and 25ml. Cup: 190ml and the new 320ml



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