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Farm to Plate Teams Up With Plantonic to Create First-Ever Plant-Based Tasting Menu

Farm to Plate x Plantonic (Plant-based Tasting Menu)

KUALA LUMPUR, 19 November 2021 – The benefits of clean and healthful eating have gained heightened awareness in recent times. Today, increasing emphasis is being given to diets that focus on fresh, whole and “real” food which have been minimally processed or altered to maximise their nutritional offering, without compromising on quality or taste.

One prominent champion of this culinary approach is Farm to Plate – a rustic, fun eatery which has become well known for its hearty fare using fresh and seasonal ingredients cooked with an emphasis on family-style, affordable dining. Based in Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya, the eatery lives true to its name with a focus on produce-driven cuisine showcasing the best ingredients directly from local farms in their purest forms and flavours, to its kitchen, before making its way onto its diners’ plates.

Soon, diners at Farm to Plate can look forward something refreshingly unique and exciting, thanks to the eatery’s collaboration with Plantonic, recently launched in Malaysia which gained prominence for creating the world’s first 4-in-1 plant-fertilising tonic. The elixir is designed to be a non-toxic fertiliser and soil revitaliser, which also serves as a natural pest repellent, while preventing fungal infections, and boosting plant immunity, all with one product, using all-natural ingredients – a common trait shared with Farm to Plate.

Roasted Black Sesame Ball

The two entities have come together to create the Farm to Plate x Plantonic Menu – the eatery’s first all-natural plant-based tasting menu which will feature at Farm to Plate for a limited time for two weeks, from 22 to 25 November 2021 (week 1), and from 29 November to 2 December 2021 (week 2).

Truffled with Shiitake Dumpling and Crisp Leek

Available only via pre-order (a day’s notice) and limited to 30 covers per week, the specially curated 9-course menu featuring a myriad of tastes and flavours that are as natural and nutritious as they are delicious.

Pre-orders and bookings for the Farm to Plate x Plantonic Menu can be made by contacting Farm to Plate at 018 268 2333.

“It has been a truly exciting and fun process developing this menu, which we are confident that our guests will enjoy, regardless if they are seasonal plant-based eaters or otherwise. Every menu item has been carefully curated to ultimately complement each other, resulting in a dining experience quite unlike any other. More importantly, it demonstrates ever so effectively that food – good and nutritious food – can be delicious. We avoid using heavy sauces to mask the fresh and natural flavours of the ingredients, staying true to our motto: Simply Served, Fresh Ingredients or #SSFI. We would like to thank Plantonic for this amazing opportunity to collaborate with a brand that shares the same ethos of using fresh and all-natural products as we do,” said Farm to Plate’s owner, Chris Chew, who also owns a restaurant called Le Sense at Damansara Kim.

Eric Tan, CEO and Founder of Plantonic

Meanwhile, Eric Tan, CEO and Founder of Plantonic said that the collaboration marked the first time the brand has worked with a restaurant partner and that they will be giving away one 500ml bottle of Plantonic with each cover ordered of the Farm to Plate x Plantonic Menu.

“The collaboration between a plant fertiliser essence and a restaurant may seem like an unlikely combination. In this case, however, it simply made sense, especially as more Malaysians become more conscious about what they eat, while opting for more natural or plant-based produce and products, which results in less waste while reducing their carbon footprint. We hope that the giving away of the complimentary bottle with every menu cover ordered will encourage diners to cultivate an all-natural lifestyle by honing their green thumb,” said Tan.

True to its mantra of “Treating Nature With Nature”, Plantonic uses only plant-based ingredients, namely shilajit, seaweed, ginseng root, fruit peel, seed extract and tea leaves. Together, they aid plant nourishment and development, doing away with use of toxic chemicals found in typical fertiliser products. This makes it safe for edible greens, as well as use around children and pets.

A boon for budding and experienced indoor plant-growers alike, Plantonic is the brainchild of Tan, an entrepreneur and plant enthusiast himself. His inspiration came after garnering deep insights and knowledge from farmers in several countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Romania. Through his observations and discussions with them, he learnt that many had their own secret formulas for keeping crops healthy, passed down from generation to generation.

“I decided to combine this knowledge from farmers with Ayurvedic principles to develop Plantonic, doing away with harmful chemicals altogether. These natural ingredients have been used for centuries by people all over the world to promote healing. I personally believe in treating plants and greens as living things, which should be nurtured by the healing force of nature itself,” says Tan.


Packaged in a handy spray bottle, Plantonic is a convenient way of ensuring plants receive all necessary nutrients to grow well. With a healthy spritz once a week for smaller houseplants, and twice a week for larger ones, the product gives users a hassle-free method of tending to their plants.

In Malaysia, Plantonic is currently available on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee (www.shopee.com.my/plantonic.os), Lazada (www.lazada.com.my/shop/plantonic) and JOCOM (www.jocom.my).

For more details, visit www.plantonic.sg.


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