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Betagen Kombucha is a game changer

Thailand’s Betagen, the maker of its namesake fermented milk, has expanded the product range to kombucha. Essentially, the company can leverage on its existing cold chain network to sell the chilled kombucha. By adding kombucha as part of its latest offering, Betagen can offer consumers who another probiotic drink option.

Betagen Kombucha is available in 200ml and 335ml.

We feel Betagen Kombucha is a real game changer for the overall kombucha category. With a price of only THB 15 per 200ml bottle, Betagen Kombucha is highly affordable thus making kombucha highly accessible to a wider range of consumers.

Betagen Kombucha also taps into greater consumer interest in kombucha, which is still nascent in Thailand, and in immune health.



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