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Goodday Milk Prepared More Than 1,000 Underpreivileged Families For A Meaningful Raya Celebration

Volunteers at Goodday Berkat Sepakat Campaign's 'Free Market' (Tapak Berkat) handing out donation goods such as clothing and groceries items for families who attended the event.

One of Malaysia’s favourite milk brands fosters the spirit of giving through Goodday Berkat Sepakat Campaign

Malaysia, 19 May 2022 Despite the abrupt start to the Raya celebrations this year, many families were still determined to have a fruitful celebration with their loved ones. Goodday Milk, one of Malaysia’s favourite milk brands since 1968, has taken a different approach in its effort to give back to the community by fostering the spirit of giving to the best of their capabilities to enlighten the lives of more than 1,000 underprivileged families and helping them to complete their preparation for a meaningful Raya celebration.

Through the Goodday Berkat Sepakat Campaign that was held throughout the month of Ramadan in three different locations in Selangor, Johor, and Kelantan, the campaign provided a platform for everyone to be able to contribute within their capabilities and effort that will be rewarding for the underprivileged community. Standing strong in their key value of this initiative, “Sekecil usaha, Sebesar makna”, Goodday Milk believes that contributing charitable acts in any form, be it the littlest gestures such as donating goods, time or skills, can create a bigger impact on the underprivileged rather than the amount of money contributed.

“We often carry the perception that charitable acts can only be done by the wealthy or in monetary form, hence, with Goodday Berkat Sepakat Campaign, we wanted to break this notion and educate Malaysians that charity is not only about the rich giving to the poor, but also about ‘everyday’ people helping each other out within own capabilities. This year, we are not only giving underprivileged families a momentous Raya but also a significant Ramadan for volunteers to pour their heart and effort for the community ,” said Amy Gan, Vice President of Marketing of Etika Sdn Bhd.

“The Goodday Berkat Sepakat Campaign is one of the most meaningful events that we have organised so far, and it was able to touch many lives through a more intimate form of giving. As we understood that the spirit of giving is always in the heart of every Malaysian, we wanted to provide this platform that can enable anyone to give what they can to the less fortunate,” added Amy.

Goodday Milk living up to its essence of “Sekecil usaha, Sebesar makna”, as volunteers at Goodday Berkat Sepakat Campaign were able to spread festive cheer to all families and visitors who attended with all forms of charitable acts.

Goodday Milk has reached out to fellow Malaysians to volunteer their skills and expertise by setting up various kindness stations to provide free services such as hair cutting, shoe mending, tailoring, and medical check-ups for the less fortunate to prepare for an adequate Raya celebration. The Goodday Berkat Sepakat campaign has managed to pull more than 1,000 people to attend the free market called ‘Tapak Berkat’ with families and children getting new haircuts, checking on their health and having complimentary mending services for their baju melayu. On top of the ‘Free Market (Tapak Berkat)’ activities, Goodday Milk also prepared Juadah Berbuka and donated goods (clothing and groceries items) for families that attended the event to complete their Raya preparation.

With a positive turnout from the community at all three locations, the campaign was able to live up to its essence of “Sekecil usaha, Sebesar makna”, and was able to spread festive cheer for all the families involved with all forms of charitable act.

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