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D7 Kombucha is the new shelf stable kombucha in Thailand with prebiotic and vitamins

D7 Kombucha is a new kombucha drink in Thailand that taps into the gut microbiota-immunity axis. This easy-to-drink kombucha does not come with a strong tangly taste to make it more palatable to ordinary consumers. D7 Kombucha is packed in a 250ml can and contains 7,000mg of prebiotic fibre to stimulate the digestive system as well as vitamin B3, B5, B6 and D.

D7 Kombucha is fermented for 30 days and is sold in a shelf stable format with a retail price of THB 30 per unit. It comes in yogurt and original flavours.

The kombucha drink is a product of Thai Atlas Global Food Company Limited (TAGF). TAGF is known for its D7 coffee including RTD coffee and instant coffee mixes. The company recorded revenue of THB 246 million in 2021, up 11.54% year-on-year, according to data from the Department of Business Development Ministry of Commerce.


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