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Ajinomoto introduces “Concentrated Soup Powder, Tonkotsu Flavor” To Food Service Market as the first brand in Thailand

Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd., the top market leader of seasoning product in Thailand, introduced new product “Concentrated Soup Powder, Tonkotsu Flavor, Ajinomoto Brand”, the Japanese pork bones soup, as the first brand of Shabu soup product for Food Service business, expected to penetrate into Shabu restaurant which is one of the popular among Thai people.

Nowadays, the existing Tonkotsu Shabu soup seasoning products in Thai market mostly serve for a group of household consumers which is not suitable for the Food Service business due to the price is relatively high. As a result, in order to meet the market demand and consumption behaviour of Food Service business and Shabu restaurant, Ajinomoto as the seasoning powder specialty with deep understanding of local food culture, has developed the product Concentrated Soup Powder, Tonkotsu Flavor that will help Shabu restaurant to increase the variety of soup menus to attract consumers with its distinctive ‘Mellow taste, stable taste, easy to use, suitable for making Shabu or Ramen soup. No need to simmer for several hours’. The product is in powder form, size 450g per sachet that only 1 sachet can make up to 16 litres (16 pots) of Shabu soup, meeting the needs of Food Service business who wants to create their flavors easily like a professional together with saving time in cooking and saving cost for the restaurants as well.

This is one of Ajinomoto’s innovative products using our key expertise of Umami for quality product development to provides more convenient for our consumers and Food Service business by shortening cooking time and decreases amount of ingredients preparation to answer the current people’s hasty lifestyle reflecting our intention to promote Thai people “Eat Well, Live Well” which is a part of our corporate policy “Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value (ASV)”. The product is now available at Food Service Business Sales Department (contact number 0-2247-7000 ext. 1263-1270) and online channels Lazada and Shopee under “Ajinomoto Official Shop”. You can keep updating information of Ajinomoto products at www.ajinomotofoodservicethailand.com


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