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MyKuali showcases its vegetarian White Curry Noodle

Image by MyKuali

MyKuali has announced the availability of vegetarian instant noodle including the vegetarian version of its iconic White Curry Instant Noodle. The vegetarian range is available in both cup and pack and was introduced in conjunction with the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.

During the nine-day Nine Emperor Gods Festival, devotees would consume vegetarian products. Even for sauce maker like Lee Shun Hing, the company revealed that there is a huge spike for Lee Shun Hing Vegetarian Oyster Sauce during the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.

In Thailand, brands would roll out vegetarian options during this period, which is also known as the Vegetarian Festival or Jay Festival. The growing popularity of the plant-based movement means Jay Festival will become an important period for brands to showcase their plant-based food and drink innovation.

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