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Singapore’s Sunshine Bakeries comes to Malaysia

Sunshine Bakeries Malaysia is the new packaged bread player in Malaysia. Originated from Singapore, Sunshine Bakeries has expanded into neigbouring Malaysia with a new factory in Bandar Enstek in Negeri Sembilan. Sunshine Bakeries’ products are currently available at retail outlets in Negeri Sembilan.

The current range includes:

  • Bread with Wheat Germ and Bran
  • Soft White Bread
  • 100% Australian Oat Wholemeal Bread
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Chocolate Hazelnut
  • Butter Sugar
  • Creamy Vanilla

“Every bite of Sunshine Bread is packed with nutrition and filled with the great tasting flavors for your breakfast or mid-day snack.” Sunshine Bread is free from trans fat, artificial colouring, cholesterol and artificial colouring. All the products have been certified halal by JAKIM.

Distribution is key in the packaged bread business and we expect Sunshine Bakeries will be covering the middle and southern part of Peninsular Malaysia from its base in Bandar Enstek initially. We are still waiting for the products to appear in the Klang Valley before we have information about the prices.


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